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Get a head start on your new career as a nurse and increase your earnings with an accredited online nursing degree: Licensed Practical Nurse Programs, LPN to RN program, online RN-to-BSN programs, Master of Science in Nursing, and other Nursing Graduate degree programs, Legal Nurse Consulting, Forensic Nursing, or Case Management certification, online MBA in healthcare degree and many others. Earning an advanced nursing degree online has never been easier!

best rn to bsn program online

The ONLY completely ONLINE LPN to RN degree program there is! LPN and LVN nurses can earn their NLNAC-accredited Associate or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree without ever stepping foot in a classroom.

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Nurse’s Diary Pages

nurse diaryThe next time you are at the hospital take a look at the young nurse again. I mean beyond the face and the uniform that she is wearing. I am sure you will see at the least ten of us young junior nurses running, hopping and dashing around like busy beavers running one errand or the other for the seniors or the doctors. Sure they call us the LPN or the new Licensed Practical Nurse, the new kids on the block. And we are at the bottom of the pecking lot at any hospitl, but there is so much that really makes a great nurse.

I rushed through school and enrolled to get my license and the day I got it was the best day of my life! I was on top of the world! I was all set to achieve the greatest goal of my life. My scores were good enough to land me job at a nursing home in my neighboring town. The working hours were 7 am to 7 pm, with a day off on rotation with the other LPNs. Every fifteen days I would have to work the graveyard shift. Oh! Finally I would work like a true professional through night attending one emergency after another and smile comfortingly at the sleeping patients in the early morning and go away happily home at 8 am.

On the first day of my work began the nightmare of my life. It was most definitely what I did not expect. There I was all eager and happy to be of service to my seniors and keen to learn the ropes of my chosen profession. The very first instance was the senior RN, shouting out to me to hurry up for the orientation. Breezing through it in a record 8 minutes, I started to do the rounds and dispense medicines. This was the least important but the most competitive of chores because it required that all the patients in the ward be given medicines within a two-hour period.

After medicines, came the time to take the vital stats of all the patients. Talking softly and politely to the most complaining of all the patients, one would have to measure and record accurately the blood pressure, the pulse rate and how they were feeling for the day or night. Then rush for a quick breakfast, back to serve the patients. By then it would be almost 9 am. Next begins the doctors’ visitation rounds to all the patients. That is a solid 2 hours. Stopping at each patient, recording what is said, revise the medicines to be prescribed etc. And get a patient ready for surgery or admit a new patient in between all this. For a new patient, the bed needs to be made and kept ready to be occupied. Then to discharge a patient, the senior nurses would have to fill in the details after making LPN’s like me run around like rabbits from billing to the ward etc. At the end of the day all I wanted was to become a RN running my ward as strictly as the matron did today. I no longer wanted to be the lowly LPN. My next goal was to become the much qualified RN and BSN

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Nursing in virtual classrooms

virtual nursing

The number of hospitals has risen so much that there is a huge requirement for nurses. The only basic knowledge necessary for nursing degree online is basic computer knowledge. Nursing is one such profession that deserves great respect. It is an honor to serve the needy and the helpless. Many people have a dream to take up an online nursing course since it can be done at your own home with great flexibility. The syllabus will provide the prospect to acquire the professional nursing knowledge. The degrees that are available in an online nursing course are quiet vast. Nursing in a virtual classroom has several advantages. Some of the degrees offered by these virtual nursing classrooms are Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in nursing. But the most important thing is that you have to enroll for an accredited online classroom. The non-clinical portion of the online nursing course is done online, but the practical clinical portion is arranged at a medical centre close by. The highly experienced lecturers will post their work onto the website of each school, registered users can login and gain information about it. There are also discussion forums where students can post their complaints and doubts. Tests will be scheduled at centers nearby to the students.

Many working nurses who already have a degree but want to get another degree can enroll for an online school, by this they don’t have to travel or give up the time they spend with the family. The cost of this program varies from school to school but it starts at $100 and can go up to $ 400 in a prestigious school. To avail this, one should have taken up the SAT or ACT exam and have a minimum GPA of 2.0- 3.5. This will be highly rewarding for anybody who has the above requirements and is passionate about going up the nursing career .Initially there will be courses on the nursing ethics followed by some theory concepts. A person who has got a nursing degree through such a nursing virtual classroom will have the same importance as for anybody who has got by attending regular classes. Nursing in virtual classrooms is an opportunity that will earn you good money and you can schedule it at your will. You may be on a job but may not have the time to attend regular classes, in such cases these online nursing programs will help you achieve what you want when you have the time. So to conclude these online nursing programs are a boon to those who want to climb up the nursing career ladder.

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BSN for a Better Nursing Career

All around the world the demand for nurses is much more than the demand for doctors. When such is the scenario, being a nurse can be really useful. But when you are a nurse who has a degree in nursing such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or the BSN, it can do wonders to your CV as well as to your career path. The really good thing about the BSN degree is that this degree can be got even when a nurse is still working as a registered nurse. This will ensure that the nurse will not have to quit the job or take a break, which can cause a little bit of financial difficulty. These BSN degrees can surely have huge impact on a nurse’s career. Nurses can get promoted to advanced practice nurses very quickly if they have a BSN degree. These degrees will also ensure that the earning potential of a nurse in increased considerably.

bsn nurseThe nurses who have a BSN degree have far more job opportunities than the registered nurses do as most of the well-known health care providers and hospital industries now require nurses with a BSN degree. These hospitals also have numerous other administrative posts, which are open for nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The chances of getting a promotion are also great when a nurse has a degree in nursing. Greater responsibilities are also given to the nurses who have a BSN degree.

The BSN degree will equip the nurse with the skills that are in demand and are necessary for a nurse in this age. It will also provide the credentials that the health care industry is looking for. With the BSN degree, further opportunities for advance in the career and education are made possible. With a BSN degree, the nurses can choose to go for the more advanced nursing degrees like the Master of Science in Nursing or the MSN degree. With the help of BSN as a foundation, the nurse can even go on to get a Doctoral degree in nursing. These advanced degrees will surely help increase the job opportunities for a nurse.

The BSN degree will enable the nurse to work in the inpatients and in community settings, hospitals, nursing centers, and house health services. Nurses who have BSN degrees are often offered some supervisory duties in the health care centers. These nurses will also be given decision-making responsibilities and a greater level of independence. The pay that the nurses with BSN degrees get is also much higher than the pay that the registered nurses get.

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Nursing Degree FAQs

nursing degree

Is it possible to get an advanced nursing degree without going back to college?

Yes people who have the basics in nursing can get the advanced nursing degrees without having to go to college. There are numerous universities, which offer distance education programs that will allow students to learn and get an advanced nursing degree online. All that the student requires is a computer and a stable internet connection. All the non-clinical and theoretical portions of the degree will be done online whereas the clinical trials and the practical work is supposed to be carried out in any of the health centers or nursing schools that the university recommends. The grades will be an accumulation of both theoretical and practical work done by the student. Students can go from LPN up to a Doctorate of nursing practice by studying online.

Should you be an RN for the rest of your life?

An RN or a Registered nurse like any other professional will surely get a promotion after considerable time. But the nurses have the choice to accelerate the progress of their career in this field by getting a degree through distance learning programs or getting a nursing degree online. Most of the registered nurses after considerable experience move on to become advanced practice nurses. These posts can be attained by RNs quickly if they choose to pursue a master’s degree.

Why bother to get a bachelor’s nursing degree?

The health care industry is currently facing a shortage with the number of nurses. To add to their worries there is an increase in the population of people who will require medical assistance. This is the reason why the need for nurses is lot. This is therefore the perfect time to get a bachelor of nursing degree, which will enable you to get well paying jobs in the health care industry. There are numerous health care providers who are adamant about hiring people with BSN degrees rather than just registered nurses. Hence getting a BSN degree would be of utmost importance if you want to succeed in your chosen field.

Do BSNs really make a lot of money?

Compared to the registered nurses, the people who have a Bachelor of Science in nursing or BSN degree make a whole lot of money. People who have this degree will have a much easier career path in nursing. This nursing degree will surely affect the earning potential of the person. The job opportunities for people with a BSN degree are also much more than for a regular registered nurse. The BSN degree will permit the nurses to hold superior positions in the hospitals and other health care centers.

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Online Nursing Degree for a Better Tomorrow

online nursing degree

Getting an online nursing degree seems to be the fastest and easiest way to achieve one’s educational goal. There virtually are no limits to what can be done online. However, one needs to know few basic requirements and also have a good idea as to what is available online that meets the personal goals.

Some nursing degrees that are most sought after include Advanced Practice, LPN and RN. There is also a myriad of specialized nursing degrees available. The levels of nursing degrees that can be achieved include the following: Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, and Certificate Programs. The student may choose from these as per the goal for the career.

How to get an online nursing degree?

RN is a very good course to pursue. The student appearing for the RN examination is prepared for it by completing a 2-year Associates course or a 4-year BS Nursing program (BSN). In order to join the RN program, the student should have completed high school or GED. The student may also be required to undergo the National League for Nursing Exam before enrolling. Finally to quality as an RN, the NCLEX-RN exam has to be taken and cleared.

If a student is aiming to get an LPN degree, i.e., Licensed Practical Nurse, he or she should have a minimum education of one year. This is a basic nursing program and presents a host of opportunities for the opportunist student. This entry-level program is essential to gain knowledge while preparing the student to manage different environments of nursing care. In order to become a certified Licensed Practical Nurse, the student has to take and pass the NCLEX-PN examination.

The APN program is meant for highly skilled and motivated RNs. The Advanced Practice Nursing program is the program to be chosen if an RN wants to advance to become a Nurse Anesthetist, a Nurse Practitioner, a Midwife, or a Clinical Specialist. It would take about two to two and a half years to complete any of these advanced Master courses. Once completed, this program will present opportunities that result in a higher pay even a 6-figure income.

One important factor about the 2-year degree programs is that they hone the skills and equip the nursing student to cope with different situations and to provide the best care for the patient.

Doctoral degrees are a great way to boost your career growth and personal knowledge of a subject. A PhD in nursing can be attained after completing a Master’s degree in nursing. This is a good program for those who are aspiring for leadership positions and those who want to share and leverage the gained knowledge in the institution of work.

Any of the above-mentioned degrees can be availed of online with the array of courses catering to those seeking a degree in nursing. Whether you are seeking a higher education in nursing or a basic degree in nursing you will find that Widener University offers online courses for you to get a degree in nursing.

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Beware Of Scams in Distance Nursing Programs

nursing scam

Don’t believe everything you read or hear. This should be the hardworking, determined student’s motto. Scams are becoming a common feature in the online world. It is easy to get misled or deceived by anyone claiming to offer a genuine opportunity to complete a course online. Why can’t this happen with distance nursing programs? It can! The student has to be careful and conduct thorough research about the college or university he or she plans to attend. It is good to be safe than sorry.

Distance programs are good – especially for the one who needs flexible timings or who needs to manage a family, work, and studies; but is it possible for an alert mind to be drawn into this disastrous net of scams? Yes, of course. How do we identify if the program is a fake one or not?

Catchy Information

Brochures, program outline, syllabus, etc. should not mislead you and it’s only your eye for detail that can save your neck. One of the first things that you should do is to research the claims. The claim could be anything from a well-established physical location to an accreditation with a very well known university or a promotional offer for a low-cost education package. The mantra is just this – don’t believe all that you read. Appearances can be very deceptive. The way that the program is marketed may entice and blind you into registering for the course no sooner than you have completed reading it; but hold on to your reins! There’s more to it than meets the eye. Verify the information that you read.

Confirm the Address

Another important thing that you can consider is calling up the contact number (if any), and ask for the physical location and address so that you can meet the officials in person and discuss the program in detail. If you do get an address, verify it. Go to a directory of Yellow Pages or call a local helpline to verify the address. You may also contact BBB’s branch for online companies to verify the establishment or if there are any complaints against the institution, if it exists.

Check the Phone Number

If you hear an answering machine or if you hear a message stating that the number is disconnected or not in use when you call up the number provided, consider some other university or opportunity.

Is the Institution Well-Established?

You would also need to verify and confirm the details of the institution’s establishment – how long it has been in the business, etc. A well-established institution would mean better educational prospects. Ask if the instructors are qualified and credible. Is the institution really accredited? You could ask the university to which they claim accreditation and verify the claim.

Low-Cost Program

Beware of the ‘low cost’ marketing gimmick. People are attracted to anything on the market that is advertised as low cost. Online programs that cost unusually less should raise eyebrows. Compare with other providers and check for the rates.

Remember, if you take some time to research the program and identify if it is a fake or a scam program, you’ll be the one to benefit.

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Tips to Find the Best Online Nursing Program

find the best program

Nurses are in demand but not everyone can afford a regular nursing program. So, if you want to pursue a nursing career, you may turn to online courses. Online nursing programs can make achieving your degree more viable. You are presented with a huge number of courses and you’ll practically be confused. Now, here’s the question to consider – which is the best online nursing program? Below are some tips that can help you choose the right nursing program in the best-suited university.

Determine Your Educational Goals

Take some time out and jot down your primary goals for your education and the main reasons for pursuing online nursing education. Do you want to switch career or just increase the knowledge in a subject you’re already well versed? How much time can you spare for the program? How much effort can you invest in it? Think about whether it is for your personal goals or a career-oriented move you are seeking an online nursing degree. Whatever it is, don’t rush your decision making process.

Find Your University

It is a good time to start researching your university based on your specific or general goals for online education. Look for universities with accreditation – you don’t want to end up discouraged. Take time to gather information from multiple online universities and compare them with your requirements be it in terms of cost, time or program content. Before investing your money into any one of the universities that you’ve researched, it is good to find out more information about the instructors, facilities, additional costs, etc. In short, mine all the information that you can about every university and then make the final decision.

Verify Credibility Claims

A desperate person is most gullible to deception and fraud. Be wise and take the necessary steps to avoid being dragged into a scam or fraudulent course. Verify the accreditation of the online university you plan to join. Remember, not every university or institution that offers courses at low rates is accredited. You definitely would not want to find out that you’ve been duped into paying a lot of money with no outcome of knowledge gained. You’ll end up with wasted time, money, and effort if you don’t do your research homework properly. Don’t believe anyone. For once, try the ‘seeing is believing’ method.

Good Resources

A good resource to help you find accredited online nursing programs is the Nursing Programs Online web site. You can find a wealth of information about various programs and you might also find your perfect program for nursing.

The best online nursing program

The best online nursing program can be found by you only after considering your educational goals, the intent of pursuit and the thorough research of online universities. It doesn’t matter if it takes a little longer than expected, but it’s always better to be on the safe side.

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The Best Online Nursing Programs – Top 3-4 State Universities

best online nursing programs

Who doesn’t want to get into the top state university offering an online nursing program? Nobody! That’s right. Everyone wants the best. Finding the best is the only problem that exists. Continue reading below and you will be able to get information about the top four state universities offering nursing programs. Study with the best, become one of the best. The universities listed below are not in any ranked order – they’re just the best of the lot.

Arizona State University Online

A university where education is brought to the students in a format that is convenient and flexible. The university is located at Skysong, a business hub in Scottsdale. The online programs of ASU are designed after consultation with the faculty. The university uses the latest technology and makes extensive use of the power of social networking to make the online learning experience effective and enriching for the students.

Fort Hays State University Online

The Fort Hays State University is located in the state of Kansas. Offering worldwide online education, the university programs its courses in partnership with the state university’s faculty members. The university specializes in offering at affordable rates a high standard of excellence. The college provides facilities to interact with the faculty through e-mail, chat, phone, fax, and regular mail.

The university boasts well-qualified staff. Their method of delivery is truly innovative and includes the Internet, videotapes, audiotapes, CD-ROMs, ITV (interactive TV), Telenet2, etc.

Indiana State University Online

This university is distinguished for one of the nation’s premier programs for nursing education. The classes are conducted via various long-distance education techniques, and clinical experiences. These are arranged by the faculty members and the students collaboratively. The quality of online education has been tailored such that the students are provided high-quality experience as their fellow students in the campus-based programs.

The school is accredited by the National League of Nursing (NLN). Their distance friendly programs may be administered totally online or they could also engage the students to participate in a mix of online and offline environments. Clinicals and preceptors for distance nurses may be arranged locally enabling them to pursue the course in flexible schedules.

Kent State University Online

A large regional university located in Ohio. The university is dedicated to research excellence and teaching. The university has produced high-achieving students. The university also has nationally recognized faculty. The university offers distance learning with delivery by PC-based conferencing, room-based video conferencing, and web-based courses.

These universities are but few of the many providing online education for nursing degrees and certificates. Research thoroughly. Visit the official university sites to learn more. Make a well-informed choice.

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Virtually No Limits: What are All the Different Kinds of Degrees You Can Get Online

types ofonline degrees

Education is an essential requirement for everyone’s career growth and advancement. The value of knowledge simply cannot be understated and the better qualified you are, the greater the demand for your services. In such a case, nearly everyone seeks to be well educated and up to the standards expected. Making knowledge acquisition easier are programs offering online degrees. From bachelors to masters to even PhDs there is no online degree that is not available.

There are numerous open universities offering people the opportunity to pursue their education through distance education programs. They provide students with all the study materials and help them work out a schedule of coursework that is best suited to them. For example if you choose to do a certificate course in business studies, coursework of 20-30 credits must be completed. If similar subjects have been covered by students in a previous course of higher education credits may be transferred as well. To pursue a masters in Nursing or health care, the student must have completed a bachelor’s degree and be working in the field. If one is a registered RN, he or she may pursue her MSN.

Studies in literature are also a commonly chosen subject and may include an associate or bachelor’s degree or a masters or further research studies resulting in a Ph.D. With so many wonderful career opportunities in literature, it is a much-favored subject. Whatever subject you pick and university you decide upon, check on its accreditation to be sure that you will be eligible to work in your chosen field after you complete the degree and that it will be recognized.

There are also online degrees in humanities. Humanities is a subject delving into the meaning of life and it focuses on individuals life in relation to that of other people. A degree in humanities can also be pursued through distance education if that is your field of interest. It has a number of fields in it such as classical studies, language and literature, philosophy and ethics, performing arts, art history and visual arts.

There are no limits to the courses available online. With every subject being offered in distance education there is no limit to what you can pursue in your higher studies. However do be wary of universities offering quick degrees or extremely low prices for a degree. Particularly those PhDs in a year programs, they may very well be fraudulent and scammers.

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